Our Vision, Purpose and Beliefs

Our Vision

1056 RP 336Our school community supports and challenges our students to achieve their personal best and celebrates their efforts and successes.

Our Purpose

At Rosalie we develop in our students:

  • the desire to learn and ability to maximise their educational opportunities;
  • the capacity to grow academically, socially, emotionally, physically and creatively to their full potential; and
  • a social conscience, recognising the importance of contributing to his/her family, school and the wider community.

Our Beliefs

1056 RP 235At Rosalie Primary School we believe that:

  • all children and young people are capable of learning;
  • students learn in different ways and their learning programs need to recognise this;
  • the teacher is a critical factor in a child’s learning success;
  • teaching needs to foster students taking responsibility for their own learning and setting challenging yet realistic goals for improvement;
  • effective pedagogy is purposeful, challenging and connected to a student’s experience, stage of development and background;
  • learning programs need to acknowledge and build on where students are at with their learning. They need to be culturally and developmentally appropriate and have real-life application;
  • students should have the opportunity to observe and practise and teach other students the actual processes, products, skills and values, which are expected of them;
  • the mental, physical health and well-being of students and teachers is a priority;
  • students need opportunities to engage in higher order thinking and reflection about learning;
  • the core-shared values in practice are the important foundation for all learning and teaching;
  • learning happens best when student-teacher relationships are based on mutual trust and respect; and
  • learning occurs where student, home and school have a common goal, interact positively and are mutually supportive.
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