The Arts


violinA specialist Music Teacher gives all classes approximately one hour of music instruction each week. The program is aimed at developing, in all children, the appropriate skills for active participation in music making and appreciation.
This is through a variety of activities, including singing, listening, movement, composition, and some limited percussion work and, in the senior grades, recorder studies. Where possible, children are also given the opportunity to perform in the wider community and to view other performers.


Opportunities for Extension:

Musical Bites

Musical Bites are short performances by talented musicians in the Rosalie School community. These sessions are held in the covered assembly area during recess and lunchtime. If you have any musical talent or know someone who does, please contact Mrs Willis in the Music Room.


Rosalie ChoirWe have two choirs at the Rosalie Primary School:
Senior Choir – Year 5/6
Junior Choir – Year 4

Senior Choir- Meeting time: Thursday 2:25pm – 3.10pm
Junior Choir- Meeting time: Monday 2:25pm – 3.10pm

School Community Band

Community Band In addition, students have the opportunity to join the Rosalie & Hollywood Community Band under the direction of Mr Don Blue. This Band meets each Wednesday morning at Hollywood Primary School prior to commencement of the school day. The community band performs once per term both for the school and the wider community.

SIM – School of Instrumental Music Program

Instrumental tuition is offered by the Department of Education to more musically able children. The instruments on offer at Rosalie are violin and viola for Year 3 students, cello for Year 4 students and flute, brass and clarinet for Year 6 students.
To find out more about the SIM program and the process behind how students are selected, please visit

Visual Art

Throughout the year, teachers link visual arts projects to other learning areas in an integrated program that enables students to extend and express their understanding of concepts being taught in the classroom. Students are involved in creating the stage settings for their assembly performances and each year the senior students assist in preparing for our traditional ANZAC service, which they conduct in honour of our service men and women.

Our recognition of the importance of educating the whole child, and the role visual arts plays in the enrichment of all our lives, has ensured that the arts are celebrated at Rosalie Primary School and students are encouraged to value creative pursuits.

Artist in Residence Program

The very popular Artist in Residence Program has been running at Rosalie since 1997. It is usually held in 3rd term. Over six one and a half hour lessons, the children are exposed to various art techniques and materials such as printmaking, wirework, mosaics, painting, sculpture, clay and woodwork. The program culminates in a wonderful exhibition attended by the Rosalie School community and showcases every child’s work, with individual and group pieces. Parents, members of the community and friends are invited to assist the Artist in Residence in the lessons which are recognised as a wonderfully relaxing way for parents to participate in their child’s schooling and has been known to bring out some hidden creative talents in some helpers!

This program continues to be generously funded by the Rosalie P&C.

Year 1
Year 7 artist in residence
Year 4&5 artists in residence
Year 7 artist in residence

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