Behaviour Management

Rosalie Primary School aims to:

  • create a positive learning environment within the school so that teachers and students can work and learn together
  • recognise and celebrate the members of the school community whose behaviour promotes the Rosalie Values
  • establish a clear set of consequences for individuals who do not accept their responsibilities and don’t meet our behavioural expectations, so that they are encouraged to recognise and respect the rights of others
  • establish procedure so that conflicts can be resolved in a positive manner
  • establish clear guidelines that protect the rights of all individuals, where the procedures, consequences and rewards are clearly defined and known by the whole school community and ensure that the implementation is fair and equitable and takes into account the needs of all students
  • maintain a partnership between teachers and parents based on the belief that our high expectations for our students will only be achieved through a united effort.


Supporting Resources

RPS Positive Behaviour Plan

Rosalie Reflection Sheets

Understanding Motives of Behaviour