School Board

As an Independent Public School, Rosalie Primary School operates under a School Board consisting of parents, staff and community members. Board members are elected for a maximum of 3 years and community members are appointed. The School Board operates separately to the P&C which has representation within the Board itself.

The role of the School’s Board is one of setting the long term future for the school and in providing additional expertise to help the school achieve the best outcome for every student.

The School Board meets once a term, usually in Week 5. Additional meetings may be called as required.

Copies of the Minutes of Meetings are available for viewing at the school office or will be emailed upon request to

Public school councils and boards information package

Rosalie Primary School Public School Review Report March 2021

School Board Role


Melissa Langdon

Co-Chair & Parent Representative

Melissa Langdon is an award-winning advisor on strategic engagement, education and innovation. She has been a keynote speaker at TEDxPerth, EduTech, Behind Closed Doors, the Kids Conference, and the Social Impact Festival, and is a Women in Technology, SPERA, and Vice-Chancellor’s Award Winner. Through her consultancy, Melissa offers innovation and engagement advice to arts, education, business and start-up clients.

Alex Williamson

Co-Chair & Parent Representative
Alex and her husband Byron have been a part of the Rosalie community since 2014. They have two children attending Rosalie, Zoe in Year 4 and Remy in Year 1.  Rosalie is well supported through an active community and provides an invigorating learning environment.  Building on this great foundation will achieve great outcomes for all of our children. Alex is a Senior Business Analyst, with extensive experience in developing, implementing and measuring the success of business plans. She studied economics and arts at the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra, and more recently, Project Management at Curtin. Alex is keen to add value to the Rosalie community through effective responses to school issues and bring about positive change.  She will strive to achieve the Rosalie vision of a ‘community that supports and challenges our students to achieve their personal best and celebrates their efforts and successes’.

Dion Leeuwenburg

Vice Chair & Parent Representative

I have been involved with Rosalie Primary School since 2017, and have two boys attending Rosalie. I hold a degree in social work and postgraduate qualifications in family therapy and child and adult mental health. Over the last 20 plus years I’ve worked in the public, private and not-for profit sectors, including both child and adult mental health services, State Child Developmental Service, and also the Department For Child Protection. I have previously managed a child mental health clinic; and am currently working as a clinical social worker at a private mental health clinic. As a new member (in 2023) I am hopeful that my skills and experience will assist me with being a child focused, and positive contributor to the Rosalie Board. I’m interested in supporting the school to continue to thrive, and helping the staff concentrate on their core business of teaching and assisting the amazing Rosalie kids.

Michelle Nash

M.Ed (School Leadership )
School Principal 

Michelle was appointed as Principal at Rosalie Primary School in 2023. She is a passionate and dedicated advocate for high quality public education and has a strong focus on ensuring each and every student thrives in school and life. Michelle was previously the Principal of East Hamilton Hill Primary School, foundation Deputy at Oakwood Primary School, and Deputy at Golden Bay, Kelmscott, and Comet Bay Primary Schools, bringing over a decade of diverse contextual leadership experience to Rosalie. With a Masters Degree in School Leadership, Michelle leads a with a dynamic strategic vision that places children at the heart. She is incredibly proud to be part of the Rosalie community, and looking forward to continuing to build on the successful foundations that will see the school maintain and grow a trajectory of excellence into the future.

Chris Nener

B Ed (Kindergarten – Year 7) Grad Cert. (Linguistics – TESOL)
Associate Principal & Staff Representative
Chris Nener joined the Rosalie School Community in Term 1, 2018. He has worked in the education field for over a decade. He started in Central Office, assisting with the National Aboriginal Early Childhood Project, which involved creating educational resources for teachers all over the State, with a focus on our Aboriginal students in regional and remote schools. This was a wonderful opportunity to see the dedication of WA teachers first hand, especially in the Pilbara and Kimberley. When the project finished he moved to Bangkok, Thailand and taught for three years, picking up a little Thai language and a habit for spicy food in the process. Missing Perth’s amazing beaches he moved back to Perth and spent the next 4 years in a variety of roles at Churchlands Primary School, including Year 2 teacher, ICT Coordinator and Associate Principal before heading over to Rosalie in 2018. Chris loves the strong community spirit and friendliness of the staff, parents and students at Rosalie. His education vision is to help students develop a growth mindset, where they have the tools and knowledge to see challenges as opportunities and are never afraid of making mistakes in the learning process.

Laura Wilson

B Ed (Primary) (Hons)
Staff Representative
Laura is proud to be a part of the dynamic Early Learning Team at Rosalie Primary School and is excited to share her early childhood perspective and interest with the School Board. She believes that children learn best when they are given the tools and guidance to make their own discoveries, feel comfortable to be themselves and make their own decisions. She is passionate about early literacy instruction and incorporating research and evidence-based assessment practises into our early learning programs. She is inspired by the knowledge, stories and culture of our First Nations people and hopes to share this appreciation with her students and families as we explore and learn together. When she is not at school, Laura enjoys trying to keep her houseplants alive, painting watercolour puns and spending time with her friends and family.



Annie Macnab

BA, Dip Ed, Dip Management FAITD
Community Representative
Annie has been associated with Rosalie Primary school since her first child began Year 1 in 1988. From then until her younger child graduated from Year 7 in 1998 she was involved in a number of school activities. For different reasons helping to build the adventure playground, tree planting at Miling, uniform shop duty, helping with cooking classes, school excursions, looking after the school budgie, and fundraising stand out in her memory! She was also P&C Secretary, P&C President, and a member of the School Council at different times. Annie is now privileged to be a School Patron and a community member on the Rosalie School Board.
Until her retirement from the full time work force in 2011 Annie was a business manager at UWA and previously worked as head of the department of management studies at Central TAFE. For a number of years prior to that she ran her own management consultancy. Her skills include financial management, human resource management, project management, services marketing, OH&S, and strategic and operational planning. She was an Access and Equity Advisor and an Ally at UWA and supports a fair go for all. Annie loves Rosalie (the place where her children learned to read and write) and will always promote it in a favourable light to the local and wider communities. Her home phone number is 9381 4251.


Monique Kerr

Parent Representative


Danica Pannekoek

B Ed (Hons)
Staff Representative

Danica Pannekoek has been part of the Rosalie Primary School community since she first arrived at Rosalie as a graduate teacher in 2010. She loves being a teacher at Rosalie and encouraging the students to be their own unique selves, celebrating all the different ways that her students can learn. She is passionate about the environment and sustainability, sewing and flamboyant assembly items. Danica is now excited to start a new journey at Rosalie, as a parent, with her son starting kindy in 2023.

Megan O’Rourke

BEc; LLB(Hons); LLM; MTeach

Staff Representative

After a long career as a corporate/finance lawyer, Megan became a teacher.  She has been a member of the Rosalie teaching team since 2021 (having done extensive relief teaching at the school in 2020).  She has taught in both the junior years (Year 1) and the senior years (year 5).  Megan became a teacher because she truly believes in the transformative impact of education.  She hopes to create a classroom environment where students are encouraged to be curious and to develop a deep love of learning.

Nicky Brennan

Parent Representative
Nicky and her husband Cliff have been in the Rosalie community since 2013 with their two children, Lachie and Claire. Throughout this time, Nicky has been heavily involved with the P&C, including 2 years as the Secretary and 3 years as P&C President before moving to the Board in 2020. When she is not engaged in school activities, Nicky works as an Architect, having studied Architecture at UWA, and worked both here in Perth, and in Scotland where she grew up. Nicky is committed to creating a strong network of families and community around the school to support and enable the school in the education of our children.