Principal’s Message


Rosalie Primary School is an Independent Public School located in the heart of the Shenton Park community. Guided by our vision we seek to ‘support each child to be their best and celebrate efforts and achievements’ by providing high quality, engaging, and innovative learning experiences. Success does not look the same for all, but all students can be successful in learning, and life.

Through our motto “Proud Tradition Shaping Futures” and an explicit focus on our core values, we provide a balanced and broad curriculum that equips individuals for sustained learning success in a dynamic world. Valuing the importance of the Arts, STEM, and physical education, while ensuring rigour in literacy and numeracy, and supporting the social and emotional development of each student, is central to our approach. Our staff have a strong sense of common purpose and maintain high standards of teaching excellence through evidenced-based approaches, programs and pedagogies.

Our school thrives on the connect-ness of our community and strong parent-teacher partnerships; working together to achieve the best outcomes for students.

We would welcome your association with our school which would allow us to work together to make the primary years of education a rewarding experience for everyone.

Michelle Nash