The Arts

The Arts learning area consists of Dance, Drama, Media Arts, Music, and Visual Arts. Subjects from The Arts build students’ creativity and communication skills. Students learn how to express their ideas and solve problems.


Rosalie Primary School highly values music and provides a dedicated specialist music program for its students. We believe that music feeds the soul and brings a balance to the school curriculum. The music program provides all students in Pre-primary to Year six with classroom music lessons each week. The classroom music lessons enable students to learn and experience music in an enjoyable and informative manner. Highlights include up to date music technology, playing percussion instruments as well as ukulele and recorder lessons. Music and movement is a focus in the younger years as they are introduced to the various elements of music. Performances and class items are regularly showcased at assemblies for the school and wider community. We have two school bands and both junior and senior choirs.


The special instrumental program, conducted via Instrumental Music School Services (IMSS), which operates in conjunction with our general program, is  offered to students who demonstrate high musical aptitude, as well as meeting other criteria successfully. The testing is conducted annually to help in the selection process for the following year.

IMSS offers free, small group lessons, which begin in WA public primary schools and continue through to Year 12. At Rosalie a select group of year 3, 4, 5 & 6 students have the opportunity to learn an instrument. The instruments being offered for tuition in 2020 are

  • Violin/Viola – Year 3-6
  • Cello – Year 4-6
  • Flute – Year 5-6
  • Brass – Year 5-6
  • Clarinet – Year 5-6

As there are a very limited number of vacancies available in the instrumental program, the selection process is very important.

Entry to the program is based on

  • Performance results of an aptitude test (Musical Aptitude Indicator – MAI test)
  • Student interest in learning the musical instrument offered.
  • Parent commitment and support
  • Musical ability as demonstrated in class music activities
  • General ability in class, consistency of school work, attitude towards homework.
  • Physical suitability to playing the selected musical instrument.
  • An interest in joining the fabulous Rosalie School Community Band and/  or the wonderful Rosalie Concert Band.

There are many benefits to learning a musical instrument including helping children develop and mature as well as improving their self- esteem and respect for others.


The visual arts are a valued learning area at Rosalie Primary School, with students from years 1-6 taking part in a specialist run, one-hour art lesson each week. Our art program exposes students to a wide range of visual art styles media and skills. Our program is guided by both the state and national curriculum and our school’s priority towards STEAM subjects. Where appropriate, the Visual Arts program provides cross-curricular links to other subject areas, generating strong cultural, social and educational bonds.

Students investigate the visual elements of art (space, texture, form, shape, colour, line and value), as well as being provided with the opportunity to experiment with a wide range of art tools, materials and mediums. They explore both traditional and contemporary approaches to drawing, painting, print-making, collage, sculpture, textiles and ceramics. Whilst there is a strong focus on the safe use of tools and materials as well as developing the skills to successfully use them, students are encouraged to experiment and have fun creating unique art works. They are given opportunities to respond to their own artwork and the work of others using visual arts terminology to reflect on the purpose and meaning of individual pieces.

Presenting artwork to others is a valuable part of the art making process and Rosalie students are given a variety of opportunities to display their art work across the school in the art room, library, classrooms and the administration block. A whole school annual Art Show is held at the end of Term 3, in which every student has several art pieces on display and our local community is invited in to view the works.

We also hold an annual ‘Sculptures by the School’ event where students are encouraged to create a sculpture that is then displayed over a period of three days in our ANZAC courtyard. This popular event is well attended, not only by parents but by the wider Shenton Park community.