French program at our school is based on developing knowledge, skills and understandings to communicate effectively and appropriately in French language. All students from Years 3 to 5 learn to communicate in French through LRS (Listening, Responding and Speaking), VRR (Viewing, Reading and Responding) and Writing.

Years 3 is a beginning level, students demonstrate their understanding through repetition and simple response in French.

Years 4/5 demonstrate their ability to read simple texts with contextual and teacher support and identify main ideas and some supporting details.

The French program uses a range of strategies to stimulate students’ interest in language learning:

  • Playing language games
  • Learning rhymes and songs in French
  • Reading books in French language
  • Listening to bilingual stories
  • We are using interactive white board programs LANGUAGE NUT and Linguascope and are impressed with the enthusiasm with which the students take to it. The program is getting used very successfully in our teaching and learning.