Science at Rosalie is an opportunity for students to develop an understanding of important concepts, processes and practices used to develop scientific knowledge about science’s contribution to our society and its variety of applications in our lives. 

Through science education, children develop the ability to grow in knowledge, understanding and skills to make informed decisions about world issues. Through investigation, hands on learning, discovery, exploration and practical activities children at Rosalie develop a strong basis for science throughout their schooling.

In 2020 Rosalie Primary School ran a very successful STEM Festival. The students completed a whole range of activities including:

  • being taught virtually over Zoom with facilitators from STEM Punks in Queensland.
  • creating 3D reefs using CoSpaces and then exploring their creations using Virtual Reality headsets.
  • programming Microbits with drag and drop coding and using them as a compass.
  • dissecting animal hearts, livers and kidneys and exploring their essential functions with a paediatric intensive care physician in ‘Operation Ouch!’
  • getting elbow deep in fish parts exploring fish anatomy with a Perth Zoo vet.
  • discovering that everyday objects, including spinach, have photoluminescence and this can be seen with UV light in ‘Fluoro Chemistry’.
  • learning about electricity in the brain with a neuroscientist.
  • understanding AI and machine learning with a specialist software engineer.

This amazing festival would not have been possible without the hard work of the P & C, in particular Jenn Vo and our illustrious STEM Curriculum Leader, Bindi Knight.