Digital Learning

Our vision is to challenge students to use technology in ways which encourage collaboration, communication, and creation over consumption. The effective use of technology can be transformational when put in the hand of responsible global digital citizens. At Rosalie Primary School there is the continual and consistent integration of Digital Technologies and Design and Technologies learning within every classroom.

Rosalie PS will also provide continual authentic Digital Learning opportunities to provide digital skills and knowledge for students, through extracurricular learning and community connections.

ICT Capabilities in the Classroom

ICT Capabilities includes the student’s effective management and operating of technology to solve authentic problems. Digital tools help develop students’ ‘4 C’s’ – Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and Critical Thinking. ICT Capabilities are developed through a wide range of activities at Rosalie Primary School. We have improved student access to a wide variety of technologies, including our Personal Learning Device Project, iPad Discovery Project and STEAM challenges.

Links and Resources

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