School Uniform

Rosalie Primary School has a compulsory school uniform from Kindergarten to Year 6.  All uniform requirements are available for purchase through:

Uniform Concepts: Inglewood Superstore

832 Beaufort Street

Inglewood WA 6052

08 9270 4658


The school colours are royal blue, brown and white.  This consists of the following options.

  •  Royal blue unisex shorts or skort
  •  Rosalie polo shirt

  • Rosalie school hat
  • Royal blue tracksuit pant
  • Rosalie Polar Fleece


  • White unisex shorts or skorts
  • Faction polo shirt
  • Sports socks (optional for Yr 5-6 Football, Hockey, Soccer)

Hats A ‘no hat, play in the shade’ rule applies

  • Royal blue broad brimmed or legionnaire Rosalie hat.

Footwear Options

  • Sports shoes (joggers or sneakers)
  • Fitted sandals (low heels and back straps)

 (NB: Teachers of Kindergarten and Pre-primary students prefer velcro fasteners where possible.)


  • No cosmetics
  • No jewellery other than earrings (sleepers or studs)
  • Watches permitted (Smart Watches set to School Mode)


  • Blue/White check cotton material dress (optional for the early years in summer)

N.B. Not available from the School Uniform Shop

  • Rosalie backpack
  • Rosalie library bag
  • Royal blue leggings

General Information

  • All items must be labelled
  •   For health & safety reasons long hair should be tied back
  • Faction polo shirts may be worn on Fridays and Carnival Days
  • Year 6 polo shirts (special collar) are optional
  • A Year 6 Leavers Shirt may be available as a memento and can be worn when available
  • For safety reasons, scarves are not encouraged
  • The Principal is the final arbiter on what constitutes appropriate dress



The Dress Code is encouraged, though not enforced. There is an opportunity to purchase a special Kindy shirt early in the school year.

Modification to Dress Code

Students who, for religious or health reasons, may need to modify the school dress code are required to make an appointment with the Principal to discuss alternatives.

Student Compliance

Students will receive:

  • Encouragement from teaching staff on the benefits of a dress code followed by contact with the family by the Principal if required
  • As per regulations supported by the Education Act, the Principal may exclude the student from any particular school activity if he/she is of the opinion that the child’s dress or hairstyle is not appropriate. This includes students representing or participating at sports meetings, incursions, excursions and school activities
  • To avoid sanctions and exclusion from activities, children may be offered appropriate clothes to wear for the duration of the event, given a supply of uniforms is available

Finally, please help yourselves and school staff by CLEARLY LABELLING YOUR CHILD’S CLOTHING to minimise the amount of lost clothing.