Updated: 24/07/2020, 11:20am

In a large organisation such as Rosalie Primary School, it is important that we stay abreast of all of the current information and follow all directives from the Departments of Education and Health.

Term 3 @ Rosalie Primary School

In line with the latest Health advice current Term 3 arrangements have been reviewed with the following changes:

  • We will be reverting to our standard school operating times. Classrooms opened from 8:30am – 8:50am with class starting at 8:50am. All classes will finish their day at 3:10 with gates opened for parents from 3:05pm- 3:20pm.
  • Kindergarten classroom doors will open at 8:45am with classes commencing at 9:00am. Pick up time is 2:55pm.
  • Parents/carers and visitors may come on to school sites to attend pre-arranged meetings and for drop off and pick up purposes.
  • Physical distancing of one person per 2 square metres inside and 1.5 metres distance between adults outside still applies.
  • Good hygiene practices, including hand washing or frequent use of hand sanitiser applies.
  • The playground will be closed at 3:10pm each day whilst the cleaning directives remain in place
  • Assemblies to recommence, however with the 2 square metre rule in place we are asking only parents of performers and merit award recipents to attend.
  • Camps will go ahead, with COVID safe practices applied, details will be sent home to relevant families.
  • At this stage our Faction Athletics Carnival is still going ahead on Friday, September 4.
  • The Department of Education has extended the increase to our cleaner allocation. We will have one full-time and one-part time cleaner, on site throughout the day, for the duration of Term 3.  Our cleaners will continue to clean the playground equipment on a daily basis. In order to keep the equipment clean for the following day, we request that children not remain on site to play or socialise, unless they are part of organised sports training or an out of school activity. 

At Rosalie Primary School, we are doing the following:

  • Following all directives from the Departments of Education and Health.
  • Making changes to our food procedures around food items at school, including birthdays.
  • Community use of facilities is being carefully monitored. St Matthew’s Church has cancelled all upcoming services at our facilities until further notice.
  • All students have been taught effective hand washing, coughing and nose blowing routines. Posters are displayed around the school.
  • The drink fountains near the music room have been changed to taps to create a hand washing station near the lunch area. We have intsalled a soap dispenser.
  • We have placed a bulk order for disinfectant surface wipes, to be distributed to classrooms.
  • Monitoring student and staff well-being.


What Parents can do:

  • If your child has medication stored at school, and this is needed at home because you’ve chosen to keep your child at home please come and collect it from the office.
  • Speak about the virus with your child, explaining facts without causing anxiety. Misinformation spreads fear. During these times, many of us will show signs of anxiety. Below is a link to a Michael Carr-Gregg (Senior Psychologist) video that may be useful for parents in how to support their children in these times. Highlighting positive, and factual information will help to reduce anxiety and unnecessary worry. In a time when “social distancing” has been recommended, please let us not forget our school values and responsibility to care for others.

Coronavirus: A Guide for Parents

  • For birthday celebrations, please do not send homemade food items to school  to share with others, instead send purchased products, which are individually packaged, so there is little, to no, food handling by families and staff. Please also consider non- food options during this time.
  • Keep children at home if they are showing any symptoms of feeling unwell (runny nose, persistent cough, fever, sore throat)
  • Self-isolation for 14 days is in effect for all international arrivals.
  • Enforce the hand washing message.
  • Read information that is sent out via the school.
  • Parents and caregivers should ensure that they have up-to-date contact details, especially email, as we will be using Connect and this website page as our primary communication tools.