Updated: 30/03/2020, 3:52pm : Newer updates in pink text.

As we are all aware COVID-19 is the number one topic of conversation in society at the moment. In a large organisation such as Rosalie Primary School, it is important that we stay abreast of all of the current information and follow all directives from the Departments of Education and Health.

Learning From Home

  • Week 10: In order to plan as best we can, we would like parents who are intending to send their kids to school in Week 10 (April 6-9) to fill in this form: .
  • Chromebook Loaning: If schools move to an online learning platform in Term 2 and there are no, or very few, children at school we will be offering a loan program with our older model Chromebooks. Please keep in mind that we do not have enough Chromebooks for all students. To sta rt, we would limit it to 1 Chromebook per family. Years 5 & 6 would get priority as they have a large number of programs they need to access. Please only lodge an expression of interest if you have no available devices at home and see it as a necessity for your child to continue their studies. You can lodge an expression of interest here:
  • Fitness from home: If you are interested in signing up for online fitness videos created for children by a local fitness guru, the school will cover the cost of a 12 month subscription. You can view his website here: Please lodge your expression of interest here:
  • We have created a Rosalie Learning Resources Hub for all parents of Rosalie Primary School Students. Click here: Please note that students will need to log in with their Rosaliens account to access the site. 
  • The Department of Education has created a ‘Learning from Home’ resource page. Please click here: Learning From Home Wesbite

At Rosalie Primary School, we are doing the following:

  • We request that all parents drop their child at the classroom door and do not enter classrooms.
  • Following all directives from the Departments of Education and Health.
  • Making changes to our food procedures around food items at school, including birthdays.
  • Community use of facilities is being carefully monitored. St Matthew’s Church has cancelled all upcoming services at our facilities until further notice.
  • All students have been taught effective hand washing, coughing and nose blowing routines. Posters are displayed around the school.
  • The drink fountains near the music room have been changed to taps to create a hand washing station near the lunch area. We are currently installing a soap dispenser.
  • We have placed a bulk order for disinfectant surface wipes, to be distributed to classrooms.
  • Excursions, assemblies, sporting events & training, information sessions and large gatherings have been cancelled/postponed for the remainder of Term 1.  Term 2 is to be reviewed over the next week.
  • Years 1 – 6 will eat lunch in their classroom. Hand washing will be mandatory for all students and this will be closely monitored by the teacher in charge.
  • We have introduced staggered recess and lunch. All Kindy and Pre-primary students will now have their recess break at 10:45am-11:35am and their lunch break at 1pm-2pm.
  • The school nurse was on site on Wednesday 18 March at 1pm to conduct ‘hand washing hygiene lessons with the Pre-primary classes, and next Wednesday 25th March for the Kindy and Kindy/Pre-primary composite classes.
  • In the event of a school shutdown we will set up a Chromebook loan system for students who do not have access to a device at home, due to limited supply priority would be given to our Year 5 & 6 students.
  • Monitoring student and staff well-being.

Changes to our Timetable

  • We are minimising potential regarding events by making the following changes:
    • Face-to-face PEAC Classes – Suspended
    • GATE Testing – Postponed
    • Nurse Screening (Pre-primary) – Cancelled
    • ICAS for 2020 – Cancelled
    • Rosalie-Hollywood Band Practice – Cancelled
    • Maths dynamic streaming in Years 5 &6 will no longer involve students moving classrooms
    • Inter-school Swimming Carnival – Cancelled
    • Other inter-school events – Cancelled
    • St Matthew’s Church Service (On weekends at Rosalie PS) – Cancelled
    • Chess Club – Cancelled
    • NAPLAN – Cancelled
    • K/PP Campout – Cancelled
    • Sculptures by the School – Changed to an online gallery, please email a photo and blurb about your sculpture to
    • ANZAC Day ceremony – Cancelled, changed to a radio play. School time for April 9 will be normal hours (8:50am-3:10pm)
    • School Assemblies – Postponed
    • Senior choir – Staggered. Years 5s one week, Year 6s the next

What Parents can do:

  • If your child has medication stored at school, and this is needed at home because you’ve chosen to keep your child at home please come and collect it from the office.
  • Speak about the virus with your child, explaining facts without causing anxiety. Misinformation spreads fear. During these times, many of us will show signs of anxiety. Below is a link to a Michael Carr-Gregg (Senior Psychologist) video that may be useful for parents in how to support their children in these times. Highlighting positive, and factual information will help to reduce anxiety and unnecessary worry. In a time when “social distancing” has been recommended, please let us not forget our school values and responsibility to care for others.

Coronavirus: A Guide for Parents

  • For birthday celebrations, please do not send homemade food items to school  to share with others, instead send purchased products, which are individually packaged, so there is little, to no, food handling by families and staff. Please also consider non- food options during this time.
  • Keep children at home if they are showing any symptoms of feeling unwell (runny nose, persistent cough, fever, sore throat)
  • Self-isolation for 14 days is in effect for all international arrivals.
  • Enforce the hand washing message.
  • Read information that is sent out via the school.
  • Parents and caregivers should ensure that they have up-to-date contact details, especially email, as we will be using Connect and this website page as our primary communication tools.

Important Updates from the Department of Education:

  • Students whose parents have chosen to keep them home, without seeking medical advice, will not be provided curriculum work and activities. The priority for staff is to maintain focus on classroom learning programs. In the event of a temporary school closure, further advice will be provided.
  • A medical certificate is not required to return to school. Schools should record the student absence as a Reasonable absence.
  • On Wednesday, 18 March the Australian Government announced that all organised, non-essential mass gatherings attended by more than 100 people for indoor events and more than 500 people for outdoors events must be cancelled from Wednesday 18 March 2020

Online Resources

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